PHY472: Advanced Quantum Mechanics

In this course, we will build quantum mechanics from the ground up, starting with linear vector spaces and Hilbert space. We introduce the postulates of quantum mechanics and explore important topics in modern quantum mechanics such as mixed states, decoherence, entanglement, and quantum teleportation. We also give a thorough treatment of spin and orbital angular momentum. In the second part, we look at many body problems in quantum mechanics. We explore the physics of identical particles, and apply this theory to many-electron atoms, spin waves in solids, and atoms in an optical cavity. Finally, we will briefly introduce the basic principles behind quantum field theory.

pdf Lecture notes (77 pages, 1.7 MB)

There will be no assessed homework exercises, and the assessment will be via a two-hour written exam. I will organise weekly problem classes, the time of which will be determined in the first lecture. You will need to create your own solutions to the problems, so do attend the problems classes!

All resources are available on MOLE.

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